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MENU 2014


Our Mission
The Miami Coral Park Band program is dedicated to providing an outstanding musical experience, a comprehensive academic program, and a leadership curriculum that develops each individual’s ability for leadership. Through the study of music and performance opportunities, the program allows individuals to develop musical artistry, poise, confidence, and self-discipline. They develop an understanding and love for the art of music and the process for success in every aspect of their lives.

Membership in the Miami Coral Park music program will reflect the cultural and economic diversity of our community, brought together in a joyful, caring, and supportive environment.

Mission Statement
Through partnerships with families, school, alumni, and the community, the mission of Miami Coral Park Band Program is to develop each individual’s “Commitment to Excellence” for achieving success in every aspect of their life. 

Leadership Introduction
Leadership is the ability of a single individual through his or her actions to motivate others to higher levels of achievement. Leaders are unique and special people. In fact, leadership is not for everyone. Leadership is individuals who are dedicated to SERVICE. Leadership is the ability to inspire, communicate, motivate, encourage, and support yours and others quest for excellence in all aspects of life. 

It is the ability to do what’s right and avoid the pitfalls of doing something just because it is the popular thing to do. Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions. It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself. Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching. 

2016-2017 Leadership Council

Cameron Hayes - Band Captain

Ana Garcia - Executive Secretary

Ecstacy Mirabal - Drum Major

Luis Vargas - 12th Grade President

Kaitlin Del Valle - 11th Grade President

Divine Rocha - 10th Grade President


Bismark Vega - Woodwind Captain & Jazz Band Co-Manager

Hector Maldonado - Brass Captain

Carrington Hayes - Percussion Captain

Nick Maldonado - Percussion Co-Captain

Amanda Gonzalez - Color Guard Captain

Camila Solano - Color Guard Captain

Emily Aguilera - Color Guard Co-Captain

Caryn Cortina - Color Guard Co-Captain


Jorge Saez - Equipment & Wind Ensemble Manager

Damilo Lagomarcinis - Equipment

Matthew Chinea - Equipment & Jazz Band Co-Manager


Luis Morales - Uniform Manager & Percussion Co-Captain

Joshua Leal - Uniform & SuperSax Manager

Stephanie Godefoy - Uniform 


Tyeanna Herrard - Librarian Manager

Daniel Hernandez - Librarian


Caryn Cortina - Dir. of Social Media

Yazmin Hernandez - Dir. of Social Media

2013 Leadership Council

2012 Leadership Council

2011 Leadership Council

Miami Leadership Camp

Miami Coral Park Senior High School host an Annual Leadership and Drum Major Development Camp every year for three days on the last week of June.

The focus of the Miami Leadership Camp is on developing leadership skills, improving basic and advanced techniques, and enhancing the overall level of performance of your whole organization, not just the Marching Band. The Marching Camp is staffed by the Directors and former Leaders of the Miami Coral Park Band of Gold.

This camp reaches beyond the basics to build team leaders with comprehensive music and leadership skills. By taking the initiative to participate in this camp you have begun your quest in making a difference in other peoples lives and enriching your own. The information learned in this camp is intended to assist you in your quest to be a leader and inspire others.

Campers will work on developing their communication skills, enhancing group dynamics, block drills and much more. They will also have the opportunity to create, develop and perform their own shows as a final performance.

There will be a separate portion of the camp dedicated to all Drum Majors and Color Guard. Instruction in the Drum Major portion will incorporate all drum major styles with an emphasis on developing leadership skills, vocal commands, basic and advanced conducting styles, as well as many other conducting techniques. This Camp is open to any and all High School Band Members.



Miami Coral Park Drum Majors

Miami Coral Park Senior High School has a rich tradition of having great Drum Majors. From back in the days when Dr. Dressman was the director, to Mr. Noble's and Dr. Llinas' great DM's, to our present day DM's from Mr. Camacho's and Mr. Gonzalez' who have taken Coral Park's Drum Major traditions to new heights. Our Drum Majors win multiple Grand Champion trophies while having a great time making wonderful memories with the groups they lead everyday. Our DM's sense of style, personality and of course conducting skills make them a big reason why audiences look forward to our performances. Here are some of our Drums Majors and some routines they love to conduct to.

2016 Outdoor Ensemble Drill

WINDS NUMBERS (Devo will give you your numbers cg)

F1- Tye 

F2- Nicole

F3- Annablle

C1- Jennifer

C5- Alexander

C3- Stephanie

C4- Alejandro

C2 - Mileydy

A1 - Cameron

A2 - Nicole

A3 - Bismark

A4 - Kevin

A5 - Arasely

A6 - Paloma

A7 - Mark

A8 - Gipsany

A9 - Elizabeth

S1- Ana

S2- Kaitlin

S3- Julian

S4- Miguel

R1- Joshua L.

R2- Ricky

T1- Matthew

T2- Fabiana

T3- Damilo

T4- Marcos

T5- Marco

T6- Carlos

T7- Chris

T8- Steven

M1- Jorge

M2- Divine

M3- Danny

M4- Mia

B1- Hector

B2- Anayansi

B3- Kenny

B4- Mark

B5- Brian


U1- Kevin

U2- Juan

U3- Ismael

U4- Riddin