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MENU 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Congratulations to our Wind Ensemble for achieving Straight Superior Ratings at State Concert MPA's!

Congratulations to the Miami Coral Park Wind Ensemble for an unforgettable performance at our Concert State Evaluation at FIU. Words can't describe how incredibly blessed we are for working with such amazing young adults. We earned a Straight Superior rating (4th "Otto" Award in School History) and an everlasting memory. Thank you to Mr. Aramis Gonzalez for believing in us and pushing us to new heights. We are forever thankful for all the experiences you've given us. Thank you to Dr. Michael Dressman for his support throughtout the last two weeks. It was great having you there. We would also like to thank Mr. Steve Rivero, Mr. Lee Morrison, Dr. Brent Alston, Mr. Shaquille Millington and everyone else that had a part in making this ensemble the best they could be. We are forever grateful 

Our Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble Woodwind Section

Wind Ensemble Brass Section

Wind Ensemble Percussion Section

"How do you guys think you did?"

Post performance speech

Our Wind Ensemble Seniors

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